The industry-wide move towards decentralized clinical trials is the next major step in the evolution of patient-focused clinical research. The shift towards decentralization has great potential to significantly improve the experience of patients during the trial, as well as the effectiveness of created treatments for the patient population.

In decentralized, virtual and hybrid clinical trials there lies a solution to many problems and inefficiencies of the traditional clinical research model, including challenges with patient inclusivity and representation of diversity in the study groups that is seen in the actual patient population that will be using the treatments.

The entire clinical trials industry is moving away from the traditional research model both out of necessity and for higher performance metrics.

As a patient-focused & technology driven recruitment and retention company, at Clara Health we recognize the magnitude of this shift towards virtual and decentralized clinical trials, and aspire to be most helpful to companies in the process of this transition.

We have created this Ultimate List of 149 Vendors for Virtual & Decentralized Clinical Trials, which includes a non-ranked compilation of vendors across all service categories that you would need to set up and run a decentralized or hybrid clinical trials.

Best Patient Recruitment Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Clara Health

At Clara Health, we are a patient-first company with a focus on helping sponsors and clinical research organizations connect with participants to maximize their recruitment results. We work with patients, sponsors, and CROs to create comprehensive solutions that connect the most qualified patients to your study.

One of our primary goals is to empower clinical studies to reach a wider audience of highly qualified participants. With the help of our unique clinical recruitment platform ClaraCare, we are able to access 98% of all web traffic to find a diverse and representative patient population.

To maximize the success of our recruitment campaigns, our ClaraCare platform supports applicants through the entire recruitment process; from the initial screening through enrolment, and patient-focused retention solutions to support participants throughout the entire process.

Our technological and recruitment capabilities have allowed us to accelerate study accrual timelines by up to 400% for our partnering sponsors and CROs.

Other ClaraCare services include: 24/7 live support for patients and study sites, full service booking of travel and coordination, management of compensation and reimbursement, screening, EMR collection, and more.

2. AutoCruitment

AutoCruitment was developed after a clinical researcher found the current recruitment process for studies frustrating and lengthy. The co-founder, Bethany Bray Mres, founded the company in 2014 and has since focused on helping ease the process of finding the right participants for clinical trials.

The company has partnered up with large names in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This includes 10 different pharmaceutical companies, as well as nine CROs. More than 300 clinical trials have been handled by AutoCruitment, and the company is consistently expanding its reach. Automation plays a large part in the processes at this company, making the process of recruitment seamless and less time-consuming.

3. Clariness

Clariness offers a recruitment system that focuses on reducing barriers between clinical research and patients. The company specializes in promoting engagement among the public while also offering CROs an opportunity to identify participants that would be most suitable for upcoming studies. In addition to standard engagement protocols, Clariness also focuses on re-engagement.

The company has worked with 13 of the largest global companies in the pharmaceutical industry and has been involved with over 7,000 research sites.

4. BBK Worldwide

BBK Worldwide combines the expertise of professionals in different fields to yield a more effective solution for sponsors and CROs in need of a recruitment solution. The company utilizes a system that facilitates patient motivation and engagement through a partnership with qualified healthcare providers.

BBK consists of multiple business departments. The company utilizes resources from all departments to assist with the recruitment of clinical trial participants, which consists of TCN technologies, BBK Worldwide, Agency320, and the RSG Suite Corporation.

The company has been operating for more than 30 years and has worked with the likes of Takeda, Servier, Biogen, IQVia, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Roche, and Merck.

5. ClinicalConnection

ClinicalConnection offers a recruitment service that focuses on speed and relevancy. The company was founded by medical professionals with the goal of helping communities become informed while also creating ease of access in terms of study recruitment. The team of medical experts founded ClinicalConnection in 1998.

The web platform developed by the company is the main offering that helps both patients and CROs. Clinical trials can be registered on this platform, which instantly notifies appropriate patients based on their profiles. CROs and sponsors are also given the ability to browse patient profiles to find the right matches, which makes the recruitment process significantly faster.

6. Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials is a clinical research organization that takes a customer-centric approach. In addition to providing CRO services, the company is also highly experienced in recruitment - allowing clinical trials to be matched with participants that perfectly match specific criteria.

By providing a global reach, clinical trials no longer have to be limited to specific locations. The company can help source potential participants from multiple countries, which allows for data on cultural and regional differences to also be collected. Several integrated systems are also offered by the company, which can further assist in the management of trials, documents, and patients.

7. Clinical Site Services (CCSi)

Clinical Site Services has developed a complete patient management system called the CSSi. This system was launched in 2005 and has since become a globally recognized name. CSSi provides a strategic approach to the recruitment process. The company does not only focus on the initial recruitment but also offers solutions that assist with retention throughout the study.

This company’s solutions are available to clinical facilities in more than 40 countries. The experts behind the CCSi system have worked with clinical trials in over 30 different therapeutic areas. Three divisions at CCSi work together in order to create a complete solution for CROs and sponsors looking to initiate clinical studies.

8. Biorasi

Biorasi was founded with the idea of addressing the current problems that classic patient recruitment strategies seemed to face - with a particular focus on the slow process and the technological challenges. The company was founded by Chris O’Brien in 2002 and is currently recognized as a very responsive option in the industry.

The company’s vision is to promote the idea that cures can be developed for every disease. Its mission is to provide a significant acceleration in the recruiting process, thus providing clinical studies with a wider audience to drive higher accuracy and efficiency. The company has a particular focus on clinical studies that involve urgent and rare health conditions.

9. Langland

Langland has developed into a full-service recruitment agency that works with patients and clinical experts. The company provides a highly efficient recruitment system that works with the CRO and sponsors to develop a strategy that would result in accelerated sign ups while still ensuring that matches are relevant.

The organization does more than just help with recruitment. Langland has gained experience in the development of retention strategies and can assist in the process of branding for a study. The patient insight solutions provided by the company can help research organizations gain more insight into suitable candidates for studies and clinical trials that will be performed.

10. RareMark

RareMark specializes in providing assistance and support for studies that require patients with rare diseases. The company currently has a database with more than 7,000 rare diseases. While a primary focus is placed on providing support to patients and allowing them to connect with others in similar conditions, the company also offers a recruitment platform.

Due to the specialty area of RareMark, CROs are given an opportunity to find people with very specific diseases. These study participants are often not found via standard platforms that offer a universal recruitment solution. RareMark also encourages patients to share their experiences, which may become useful in the marketing strategy during the post-study period.

11. MyTomorrows

MyTomorrows is a company that focuses on the patient, allowing individuals with certain conditions to gain access to clinical trials and appropriate pharmaceutical treatments. In addition to providing services for the patient, the company also specializes in providing services to healthcare professionals and pharma companies.

By working with healthcare professionals, the company is able to deliver data surrounding the latest trials to assist physicians in treating their patients. CROs, pharmaceutical companies, and sponsors are also able to utilize MyTomorrows as a recruitment agency for study participants. This allows clinical trials to access patients that match specific criteria; thus also resulting in accurate data that can be relied on in future drug development.

12. TrialBee

TrialBee excels in the areas of recruitment for clinical trials. In addition to specializing in the recruitment process, the company is also experienced in helping to drive higher enrollment. The platform developed by TrialBee uses real-time analytics and data to match patient profiles to the criteria presented for a clinical study.

The database owned by the company utilizes public domain data that consists of more than 200 million digital records. This can help with the compilation of scientific reports, while also allowing the customer to identify suitable subjects for their research needs. The experts behind the company are capable of customizing a solution that meets the specific requirements of the clinical study.

13. MMG

MMG has developed a system that helps research teams and clinical trial sites better engage with the ideal audience. The company also works closely with the patients to ensure their satisfaction and safety throughout the entire trial process. There are 15 different therapeutic departments that MMG is experienced in, including rare diseases, oncology, pediatric health, and more.

To date, more than one million patients have been screened by the company. MMG has worked with over 5,000 sites while extending its reach to patients, teams, and sites in more than 70 countries. The company has also worked with over 1,500 studies, which allowed the team behind MMG to gain significant experience in patient engagement.

14. PatientWing

PatientWing focuses on enhancing patient satisfaction during the recruitment process, which drives an increase in engagement and adherence. These are the essential factors that play a role in helping research teams and CROs gain the data required to bring new pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the market.

The company works closely with sponsors and researchers as well. This allows pharmaceutical companies to initiate studies with a larger group of trial participants, offering more comprehensive data that can be used to produce accurate results in terms of both treatment efficacy and safety. In addition to enrollment, PatientWing also helps sponsors maintain a higher completion rate among study participants.

15. HealthUnlocked

HealthUnlocked features a social platform that focuses particularly on health and the medical industry. The company’s platform has been mentioned in publications like Forbes, HuffPost, NEJM Catalyst, and Evening Standard. The social platform is available for patients, as well as research teams, sponsors, and CROs planning to conduct clinical trials.

Users are able to connect with each other, promoting patient-to-patient engagement. More than 300 different diseases are covered on the platform, and an expert team behind the company provides 24/7 support. HealthUnlocked is partnered with more than 600 organizations, including the ADAA, the National Kidney Foundation, NRAS, and the NHS.

16. Trialfacts

TrialFacts is one of the very few organizations that actually provide a recruitment guarantee. If the company is unable to help a clinical team find the right patients to recruit for a study, they provide a money-back guarantee. By using a comprehensive pre-screening procedure, research teams are able to gain access to extensive profiles for superior matchmaking.

Recruitment plans can also be developed by Trialfacts at no extra cost to the sponsor or research team. The company enforces a carefully planned six-step process to ensure the efficacy of each campaign they are involved in. TrialFacts was launched in 2006 and all solutions offered adhere to the requirements of both IRB and GCP standards.

17. SubjectWell

SubjectWell developed a system that is quite unique within the patient recruitment industry. Keeping the costs of the recruitment process as low as possible is a primary factor behind the options available at this company. The experts provide educational programs to patients, along with telephonic follow-ups, and sponsors are charged a fee when patients successfully randomize in the clinical trial.

Every day, SubjectWell screens more than 3,000 patients. The company has expertise in more than 175 different therapeutic areas, and they currently have a database of patients that spans over four different continents. The platform has allowed for up to a five time increase in randomization rates in some scenarios.

18. Antidote

Antidote was created as a way to bring people of different origins and backgrounds together, with the hopes of enhancing patient enrollment, creating a safe environment, and allowing clinical trials to exceed in providing reliable results, particularly in the treatment of disease.

The company works with both the patient and the sponsor, allowing for the gap between the two to be closed. Patients are carefully screened and educated by the team at Antidote, which allows the company to make better matches based on the criteria expressed by a research team. The company also works with a number of partners in order to provide additional offerings and solutions to improve the efficacy of clinical studies.

19. Curavit Clinical Research

Curavit Clinical Research is a company that focuses on the entire lifecycle of a scientific study. The company provides an advanced patient recruitment system that offers specific matches based on the disease that is targeted, as well as additional qualifying criteria.

In addition to recruitment, the company also offers services that help with the design of the study, obtaining consent, and logistics. The engaging platform helps to ensure patients do not only enroll in the study but also adhere to the steps and requirements provided to them. Data intelligence functions from the company also assist with analyzing collected data and compiling reports after the study has concluded.

20. Deep6

Deep6 is an AI-driven company that provides a three-step system for recruiting patients, as well as assisting researchers with the process of obtaining patient data that can be used in the compilation of clinical reports. Artificial intelligence technology is combined with machine learning functions, allowing millions of reports to be analyzed.

The platform provides data in a clear way that makes it easier for researchers to look through available reports. The data can also be utilized to connect to patients and healthcare providers as a way of obtaining a higher enrollment rate in a clinical study. The fast speed of the platform provides results in less time.

21. PatientsLikeMe

PatientsLikeMe represents the community of individuals who live with chronic diseases, including a number of rarer conditions. The idea behind the platform is to create a safe, comfortable space for patients to come together and connect with others in similar situations. Patients are given an opportunity to develop profiles, provide daily reports of their symptoms, and look for emerging treatments for their diseases.

On the researcher and sponsor’s side, it allows them to find individuals who are interested in current research projects being done on specific diseases. The platform allows patients to connect to researchers and sponsors, which can be useful in the recruitment process.

22. Citruslabs

Citruslabs was developed with the idea of making it more affordable for pharmaceuticals and sponsors to prove the safety and efficacy of their products. The system was developed to utilize only three steps in order to help the clinical trial process to provide data that is reliable, thus facilitating the approval process for the pharmaceutical products.

The recruitment process helps the clinical team find the right subjects that match the requirements of the study. Once subjects are identified, the company further helps the research team with the onboarding process, while also providing support to ensure the retention rate remains as high as possible up to the end of the study period.

23. 1nHealth

1nHealth is a company with the primary goal of helping clinical studies fill open seats with the right participants. One study showed that 1nHealth is able to meet the exact budget of studies 89% of the time, with 86% of studies obtaining full recruitment in less time than initially expected. As many as 93% of the sponsors that work with 1nHealth, come back to the company for assistance in running future studies.

Sponsors are able to find suitable candidates for studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas when they turn to this company. 1nHealth is experienced in recruiting patients in more than 50 different areas. To date, the company has engaged over one million patients that are considered potential subjects for clinical trials.

24. Clintec

Clintec was designed on the principle that flexibility needs to be part of the recruitment process for clinical trials. The company understands that each clinical study has a different design, which also means a universal recruitment process will not work for every client. This is why the company takes a more personalized approach to develop a recruitment program for each study.

The company is often involved in small, medium and major clinical studies as well. Clintec has been operating in the industry for over two decades and offers its services in more than 50 countries.

25. ThreeWire

ThreeWire focuses on providing clinical studies with enrollment, as well as with patient support throughout the entire process. The company has reduced error rates for the endpoints in previous clinical studies by up to 65% and provided an average 33% faster speed in recruiting study subjects for trials.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology to screen patients and find ones that provide the best matches for a specific study. ThreeWire can also help to increase the capabilities and resources available for study site teams, while also providing strategies that promote a higher retention rate among participants, which yields a larger amount of data for post-study analysis.

26. Science 37

Science 37 has developed an industry-first system that comes in the form of the DCT OS, or Decentralized Clinical Trial Operating System. The OS focuses on providing the essential capabilities to sponsors, CROs, patients, and other vendors needed for running decentralized clinical trials.

The company has partnered up with big names in the pharma and medical industries, such as Redmile Group, Sanofi, PPD, and Boehringer Ingelheim. The OS developed by Science 37 helps the researchers find matches based on criteria required by the study, while also offering supportive functions that assist with the management of the clinical trial.

27. Acurian

Acurian features a comprehensive solution that prioritizes an acceleration in the patient enrollment process. The company offers clinical sites with several different solutions, which allow the CROs and sponsors to determine what type of strategy would be most suitable to their needs, as well as their budget.

Accurian currently owns over 160 sites that provide the resources needed to successfully conduct clinical trials.

28. TrialSpark

TrialSpark focuses on a patient-centric approach to the implementation of clinical trials. According to the company, this particular procedure results in a significant increase in participation, enrollment, retention, and the ability to bring the studied drugs or medical devices to market.

The company is experienced in working with all parties that are involved in running a clinical trial, with a primary focus on the patient experience. By providing the patient an engaging and high-quality experience, the company helps to increase the rate of enrollment, while also allowing the trial to be filled with subjects that match its criteria.

29. StudyKik

StudyKik is a company with a mission to help accelerate the recruitment process, enabling clinical studies to be conducted faster; thus allowing new treatments to emerge in a shorter duration of time.

More than 32 countries are now covered by StudyKit, with a community that consists of over six million members. The company is working with more than 3,600 research sites, which offers a more comprehensive solution to assist with not only recruitment but also successfully implementing every step of the study.

30. TrialX

TrialX is the developer behind an advanced digital platform called iConnect. This platform was developed to address one of the major problems many studies currently face; the inability to meet planned goals for recruitment. The platform is used by CenterWatch, NYU School of Medicine, Indiana CTSI, Penn Medicine, as several other big names in the industry.

The company has been involved in more than 1,200 clinical trials, and its database has been searched over 150,000 times. Recruitment campaigns come with analytical data, allowing sponsors and CRO staff members to track the study progress, make adjustments, and easily profile patients who are enrolling for a study.

31. PatientEvolution

PatientEvolution has developed multiple proprietary technologies in order to assist researchers with the recruitment of qualifying patients. These technologies include PatientBlast, PatientCircuit, PatientDial, PatientVisibility, and more. Each of these apps can be utilized to ensure clinical experts are able to expand the effectiveness and reach of their recruitment program, while also giving them access to patient profiles that can be used for screening.

The company provides a range of educational resources as well. This allows the clinical team to develop an educational system to ensure patients understand what to expect from the study, which improves patient compliance. Patients who are properly educated are also more likely to complete enrollment and remain present during the entire study, and PatientEvolution utilizes this vital part of the patient experience to lead effective recruitment programs.

32. Elligo Health Research

Elligo Health Research is a fast-growing organization that was first established in 2016. Since the founding of the company, the team has worked hard to develop a system that helps to cultivate a trusted relationship between the physician, the clinical research team, and the patient. This drives higher engagement, while also empowering physicians to gain knowledge of the latest innovations in the pharmaceutical market.

Multiple services are offered by the company, including offerings to assist with accelerating patient participation in medical research. Through years of research, the company is capable of providing strategic planning that helps to increase interest and exposure for a clinical study. Post-enrollment services are also available to help sponsors and research teams accelerate the clinical trial process.

33. Praxis

Praxis has been providing professional solutions for patient recruitment since 2002. The company has expanded to a point where they have a global reach into patient communities, enabling CROs an opportunity to recruit a larger diversity of individuals. The expert team behind Praxis works closely with CRO project managers to ensure their goals can be met efficiently, while also remaining inside the proposed budget.

The company prioritizes customization with each project they take on, as the specific requirements of trials differ. By tailoring their solutions to the individual needs of a prospective study, the company can provide services that are likely to yield more efficient results. Praxis can also assist with analytics, international processes, the retention of patients, and the utilization of influencer outreach as a means of increasing the recruitment rate.

34. Patiro

Patiro was founded to provide sponsors and CROs performance-based solutions for running recruitment campaigns for clinical studies. The company specializes in helping trials match with the right patients, and charges their clients a fee per patient, only after the patient has successfully enrolled in the study. The primary aim of the services offered by Patiro is to reduce the time it takes to get a product to market, and one of the ways in which this is done is by aligning the recruitment goals of the sponsor and CRO with the financial incentives of Patiro.

In addition to recruitment offers, Patiro Patient Management further expands on the assistance provided by the company. This system provides a complete solution for managing patient profiles, adherence, and can be utilized to help with retention.

35. myHealthTeams

myHealthTeams is a large network of social platforms that provides support to people living with certain diseases. Through multiple partnerships, the company is capable of bringing news, studies, and data surrounding the latest treatment to these platforms. This gives patients the opportunity to identify new therapies that may yield improved results in their treatment program.

The company also offers a Medical Expert Panel, as well as resources that can be utilized by clinical trial planners to find subjects for a study. Sponsors and CROs can find potential subjects based on specific conditions, thanks to the extensive network of applications that create individual communities.

36. Veristat

Veristat has become one of the biggest partners in the clinical trial industry, supporting applications for an estimated 10% of all new drug approvals submitted to the FDA in 2020. One of the key factors that make Versistat a highly suitable choice is its approach to providing an integrated and complete solution for clinical trials.

The company can assist with recruiting patients in multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, endocrine, neurology, cardiovascular disease, and infectious diseases. Sponsors and CROs can choose between an individual recruitment solution or a full-service offering that supports the entire study from start to finish.

Best Decentralized Clinical Trials Vendors In 2022

1. Curavit

Curavit is a specialist service provider that focuses on the development of decentralized clinical trials. The company is a type of virtual contract research organization that provides a digital experience for sponsors that need to conduct medical research.

The platform developed by the company is based on proven technologies. By taking a digital-centric approach, costs for site management can be significantly reduced, while still offering real-world data to utilize in drug or medical device applications. Due to the scalability of the platform, sponsors can utilize Curavit for clinical trials of all sizes.

2. Thread Research

Thread Research created a central system that provides all the functionality sponsors need to conduct virtual clinical trials and studies. By including everything in a singular platform, there is a reduced need to switch between multiple systems during the management process.

The platform has already won two awards in 2021 and continues to provide its services to both large and smaller-sized medical sponsors. In addition to trial management functionality, the platform allows providers to schedule virtual visits through an integrated telehealth solution. The system also features built-in eConsent and eCOA functionality, along with a system that helps to promote an increase in patient recruitment.

3. Science 37

Science 37 is a platform for running decentralized clinical trials. The company behind the platform primarily focuses on helping sponsors find a larger number of subjects or participants for clinical studies while delivering essential data through a digitized platform.

Science 37 has been involved in over 100 decentralized clinical trials, with patient engagement reaching more than 400 million individuals. Currently, the decentralized clinical trial management services offered by Science 37 are available in over 21 countries. The solutions provided by the platform have provided a 300% increase in participant diversity and a 28% improvement in patient retention during all phases of clinical trials.

4. IQVIA Virtual Trials

IQVIA Virtual Trials platform offers a proven solution that helps in the initiation, planning, and management of decentralized clinical studies. The company has extended its services to patients and sponsors in 40 countries, with over 80 trials completed to date. By providing a platform that is scalable, sponsors are able to easily adjust the functionality to meet the demands of the study.

The Virtual Trials platform focuses on providing specific benefits during the trial process. This starts with the ability to speed up the process of recruiting patients, while also enhancing the level of engagement among study participants. Patient safety is a primary factor in the design of the system, while also helping sponsors keep track and adhere to specific timelines.

5. Koneksa

Koneksa is a specialist in the field of using biomarkers in clinical trials and other medical research projects. The company focuses on three elements that yield more accurate data - science, software, and a range of biomarker sensors. The SaaS system is highly configurable and allows sponsors to keep track of patient data in a digital setting.

Numerous integrations are made available to the research team, along with mobile applications and wearable devices for enhanced tracking accuracy. Patient surveys, questions, and symptoms are combined with data retrieved from wearables to deliver more functional data. All individuals part of the Koneksa team are highly experienced in clinical trials.

6. TrialHub

TrialHub is a digital platform created by FindMeCure. The system was developed with both sponsors and clinical research organizations in mind, providing a highly intelligent solution for data collection. The company has worked with AugustResearch, Health Decisions, Novartis, Veristat, OPIS, and several other names in the medical industries.

The platform is compatible with a large number of indications and vitals, which ensures patient data can be tracked. Since the founding of the company, the team has worked with more than 622,000 clinical trials. Sponsors and CROs can measure trial performance, estimate delays, and even benchmark several aspects of a study using the advanced toolkit provided by the platform.

7. Clinpal

Clinpal has a digital platform that provides a direct-to-patient solution, a strategy that has shown to enhance engagement and retention rates in clinical studies. The platform provides a mobile-friendly responsive web-based design, which means patients can view data on any device, including a smartphone. Sponsors and researchers are also able to access clinical data through a web-based application.

The Clinpal system features multiple modules that can be integrated to form a comprehensive solution. These modules serve as plug-ins to the core system, allowing the CRO to plan out the study, recruit participants, capture data, and keep the interactions between the clinical staff and patients more engaging.

8. DelveHealth

DelveHealth is run by a team of experts in various industries related to clinical trials and the technology behind these procedures. The company created a solution that allows for the initiation of decentralized clinical trials, while also offering services that are tailored toward a more hybrid setting.

All of the solutions at DelveHealth take a patient-centered approach, ensuring the patient is educated and understands their safety is taken as a priority. The range of connected services allows multiple systems to be integrated with one another, ensuring data can automatically be moved between solutions without manual data entry. The company also offers in-home visits, as well as a wearable program for patient monitoring.

9. Crucial Data Solutions

Crucial Data Solutions developed a modern system that delivers an advanced array of services to help clinical studies excel in all phases and aspects. The company’s platform is known as TrialKit and integrates the functionality of an EDC, eSource system, ePRO, and eCOA features.

Every step of the clinical trial is supported by the digitized system offered by the company. Sponsors and CROs can choose to conduct everything in a decentralized, virtual setting, or combine this strategy with in-patient visits. The built-in payment system and eConsent functions also help to streamline the process of ensuring compliance throughout the duration of the clinical trial.

10. AzadMedica

AzadMedica is a professional organization that works with numerous pharmaceutical enterprises as an intelligent solution for turning a prototype into a final cure. The company plays multiple roles in clinical trials, including the development of scalable virtual systems.

The experts at AzadMedica are highly experienced in dealing with clinical trials related to eight specific therapeutic areas. These include aging, mental health, oncology, addiction, diabetes, and more. The company uses a strategic collaboration strategy to help clinical studies gain maximum value out of every phase.

AzadMedica has affiliations with SCRS, MSLS, the Center for creative Leadership, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

11. Halo Health Systems

Halo Health Systems specializes in strategy development and technological advancements that can take certain burdens off the site, medical staff, and the patient. The company produces systems that create smart clinical trials, either in virtual or hybrid settings.

By combining mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, and IoT advancements, the company brings state-of-the-art virtual facilities to clinicians, CRO managers, and the sponsor. Research staff are given an opportunity to monitor patients from a remote location, while the system also automates the process of drug delivery. The company’s proprietary platform is fully compliant with HIPAA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and comes with built-in safety monitoring features.

12. ICON

ICON is a global clinical research organization with specialties in a large range of therapeutic areas. The company was initially founded in 1990 in Ireland. Since the launch, ICON has become a globally recognized partner for many pharmaceutical companies and sponsors with the aim to develop new treatments and medical technologies through the clinical

The company essentially provides a consultancy service that works closely with the sponsor to develop custom solutions. Both virtual and physical clinical trials are managed by the company, including hybrid solutions that consist of both virtual monitoring and in-patient visits. The company is present in 46 countries and has 147 offices that provide its consultancy services.

13. Parexel

Paraxel is a company that provides a complete solution in development, recruitment, and the initiation of clinical studies. The company is also highly experienced in the latest biotech technologies, allowing sponsors to utilize the most efficient systems for bridging the gap between researchers and sponsors.

Paraxel is capable of delivering management services to assist in the development of clinical trials. The company takes the satisfaction of patients seriously and even offers the participants access to a wide range of resources throughout the study. Numerous case studies are also available, which help sponsors get a better idea of how the company works.

14. PRA Health Sciences

PRA Health Sciences is an intelligence company that has a strong focus on the digital environment, particularly within the healthcare industry. The company specializes in providing consulting services and can assist in various clinical aspects of scientific studies. The specialized services are all handled by qualified professionals that form part of the professional team.

The organization is capable of setting up hybrid clinical trials, as well as virtual solutions that focus on decentralization. By providing adaptive trials services, sponsors are easily able to scale a custom solution to meet the needs of the study, while also adapting to changes more efficiently.

15. Encapsia

Encapsia offers sponsors access to a decentralized clinical trial platform that is flexible and powerful. By creating a customizable platform, researchers and sponsors are able to create dashboards that only show the data that is most vital to the trial, while still offering access to more advanced reports.

The eSource application forms part of the decentralized clinical trial platform, allowing several factors to be managed and monitored without face-to-face interactions. The system is integrated with a randomization module, which helps to enhance the accuracy of data when randomizing patients into multiple groups. Trial monitors, as part of the platform, also reduce the need for source data verification.

16. Medable

Medable focuses on providing a platform that allows sponsors to conduct decentralized clinical trials. The platform uses the latest technology to deliver advanced analytical data, the ability to track patient statistics at home and to promote a higher rate of adherence during the study.

The company has worked with more than one million patients today and provides support for over 60 languages. Over 150 studies have been managed by Medable, providing expert team experience in different fields. By building a system where everything is developed into a singular platform, sponsors and the research team spend less time worrying about moving data between multiple systems.

17. Medidata

Medidata develops protocols that focus on reducing the dropout and poor adherence rates that many studies face. These are particularly common issues faced when studies are based on digital metrics, where virtual visits are conducted. The Decentralized Clinical Trials Program was custom developed to offer an enhanced range of services that support a greater success rate in studies.

In addition to a decentralized trial platform, Medidata has also developed other solutions that can be used to create a more comprehensive system. This includes both data management and clinical operation software, along with a cloud-based technology for easier access to documentation, consent forms, and other data related to the study.

18. ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth built a proprietary system that combines a web-based platform, along with mobile applications, creating a complete solution for running and managing a virtual trial. The company has a retention rate of up to 95%, with recent work done by ObvioHealth showing a medication adherence rate as high as 86%.

One of the major features that help with engagement is their mobile app. The app is compatible with most smartphones and allows patients to provide feedback that is displayed on the web platform. This is a core function of the decentralized platform, while also improving communication between different parties that are involved in the study.

19. Virtrial

Virtrial works with CROs, sponsors, and site managers as a way of creating virtual experiences for clinical trials. A patient-centric system was developed to ensure that the patients come first, while still being able to deliver the data researchers and sponsors need to bring new medical treatments to the market.

The company also consistently conducts research in order to facilitate advancements in its technology. With the majority of clinical trial participants typically living far from local research centers, the company has developed a platform that can close this gap. The company’s research trials feature a dropout rate of just 5%, making it a highly efficient option for promoting retention in clinical trials.

20. LabCorp (Previously Covance)

LabCorp has the vision to deliver solutions that bring patients and sponsors together; thus forming clinical trials that will help patients gain access to emerging treatment options. The full-service system of the company does more than just help the sponsor develop a clinical trial. The company also offers multiple services to patients, in the form of the Labcorp Patient App.

The telemedicine toolkit provides virtual care services to patients, while also allowing researchers to connect with participants during a study. Laboratories owned by the company are made available to sponsors during the research period, which facilitates testing procedures that need to be conducted.

21. Croprime

Croprime has recently developed a system that can help sponsors configure trials that are entirely virtual. By introducing remote studies, location and other limitations no longer serve as barriers to increasing enrollment and engagement in clinical trials.

The platform allows the medical staff to easily connect with patients through a telemedicine solution, while also offering integration with wearable monitoring devices. The system deals with factors like data collection, analysis, and reporting as well. Croprime also offers study planning, contract management, vendor management, and additional services. This makes the company a complete solution that can help sponsors develop highly efficient trial processes.

22. Lightship

Lightship aims to redefine the entire virtual clinical trial space with a system that utilizes a number of technological advancements. The company has developed a clinical trial management system that takes a virtual-first approach, which ensures patients can enroll and participate in studies without the need for site visits.

Both clinicians and patients are empowered with a range of tools and solutions. Remote visits allow patients and clinicians to communicate through a video feed, while additional assessments can be arranged at qualifying outpatient facilities when needed. The company also provides a multi-channel recruitment suite, which speeds up the process of finding candidates for a research project.

Best Remote Patient Monitoring Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Cardiomo

Cardiomo is a manufacturer that specializes in heart rate monitoring. The company has developed an advanced, wearable device that is capable of providing real-time data surrounding a person’s heart rate and cardiovascular health. The non-invasive device also makes it easier and more comfortable to obtain continuous data.

The heart monitoring device uses the latest technology to provide a real ECG solution. The device is not only capable of monitoring a patient with an existing cardiovascular condition but can also provide alerts when early signs of heart-related diseases are detected. Alerts on unusual activity are sent to family members and care providers.

2. 100 Plus

100 Plus focuses on providing a number of advantages for both the healthcare provider, as well as the patient. The company is capable of delivering a variety of monitoring devices, all of which can deliver remote data. The company deals with factors like patient outreach and the configuration of the devices, reducing the effort required from the provider's side.

The company’s devices are accompanied by a number of medical apps that can be accessed on multiple platforms. A practitioner dashboard allows healthcare providers to gain easy access to patient data, which can assist with important decisions related to the treatment program offered to the patient.

3. AT&T

The AT&T OneLife Technologies Corp partnership delivers vital data to both the patient and their care provider. The primary device that forms part of the offering is a smartwatch, which relies on AT&T’s unique LTE-M connectivity. This provides a more secure connection between patient and provider.

Various data metrics can be tracked using a simple smartwatch. These smartwatches are developed using medical-grade sensors and equipment, which makes them significantly more accurate compared to standard commercial fitness trackers. The smartwatches are both PTCRB and FCC certified. All data are submitted to a mobile application while also reporting on a dashboard provided to the physician.

4. AiCure

AiCure combines state-of-the-art technology with an advanced AI system to deliver improved efficiency in clinical trial monitoring. The system allows researchers to develop clinical trials that put the patient first. Different types of clinical trials are supported, including on-site and virtual options.

The timeline feature on the AiCure system gives researchers a better understanding of how the trial is performing while also identifying current obstacles that are limiting results. The built-in AiCure Patient Connect functionality addresses issues often faced with retention while also allowing study conductors to gain a better understanding of each patient's progress. AiCure Data Intelligence provides a customizable system to record and analyze data.

5. VRI

VRI is part of Modivcare and provides a wide range of medical services that focuses on the well-being of the patient while also improving communication between patients and their healthcare providers. Vitals from VRI offers a three-step process to help patients keep track of their health.

The company provides an easy setup of medical monitoring devices, which are shipped directly to the patient. A notification system helps to remind patients to take readings every day, with the data immediately distributed to the clinical team. The provider is also notified, allowing them to keep track of treatment performance and disease progress while also allowing modifications to be made to improve the prognosis.

6. Chronisense Medical

Chronisense Medical is the manufacturer of the Polso Watch, a chronic disease monitoring device that focuses on empowering patients and physicians with data that helps to improve the outcomes of treatment programs. The watch features a compact design with functionality at its core.

The watch uses medical-grade parts in its construction, which aids in delivering accurate data that can be trusted by healthcare providers. In addition to syncing data with a smartphone app, data is also uploaded to the ChroniSense cloud-based database. Here, the data can be analyzed by both patient and provider. The watch can assist with the monitoring of different health conditions, including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Biointellisense

Biointellisense produces monitoring devices that are approved by the FDA. The highest standards are used in the development of these devices. The monitoring devices by Biointellisense focuses on providing short-term tracking solutions. A discreet design with a patch that sticks to the skin makes it effortless and comfortable to wear.

The BioButton won the MedTech Breakthrough Award in 2021. The implementation of intelligent technology allows the device, along with the monitoring services, to establish problems in a patient's recovery or current condition.

Biointellisense is working closely in partnership with CARE Innovation Center and UCHealth to provide advanced monitoring solutions while also keeping costs to a minimum.

8. Florence

Florence is an advanced digital platform that specializes in easing the process of working with documents when executing a clinical trial. The platform has assisted in improving the document workflow for over 10,000 clinical trials. The company currently provides its services to facilities in 44 countries.

The eBinder service makes it easier to keep track of documentation, which can include data collected during clinical trials. By providing remote access to the data, researchers and medical experts involved in a study get easier access to reports. The platform is HIPAA and EU GDPR compliant. It also falls in line with FDA Part 11 compliances.

9. Resideo

Resideo Life Care Solutions developed a system that combines clinical monitoring and inventory management services, which offers a more comprehensive solution for healthcare providers. The company has also established a complete telehealth ecosystem that makes it easier for providers to keep in touch with the patient.

The system allows for monitoring while the patient is at home through video visits, Genesis Touch, and the Lifestream Connect platform. Full patient profiles are available, along with the ability to capture data in order to generate reports. The clinical dashboard also allows statistics from medical devices to be synced with the Resideo telehealth system.

10. Current Health

Current Health has a digital system that makes the process of monitoring patients at home easier for the physician. The platform allows the healthcare provider to configure profiles for patients, which is then easily accessible from remote locations. Nursing staff at Current Health help to guide the patient through the configuration process on their side as well, which helps to provide a smoother adoption process for both sides.

The company is capable of delivering monitoring solutions for body temperature, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate. The platform also provides support for medical devices that report data on step count, as well as factors related to mobility.

11. Vivify Health

Vivify Health specializes in providing a more customized remote patient monitoring service to medical facilities. The personalized remote care plans allow healthcare providers to develop individual treatment programs, which are presented to the patient. The patient is then reminded at the appropriate times to conduct home-based tests or use pharmaceutical medication provided to them.

The company's platform has a 97% patient satisfaction rate and was found to provide an average ROI of 820%. Within a period of 30 days, the system has also been shown to reduce the rate of readmissions by as much as 65%. The system comes integrated with PathwayMAPS, which helps to provide an easy-to-understand guide for the patient.

12. iHealth

iHealth is a digital system that focuses on providing healthcare services outside of the doctor's office. Personalization of patient care systems allows the provider to customize a treatment plan that is tailored toward the needs of their patients. The company also offers patients access to a wide range of smart products that deliver information based on patient data.

iHealth also offers a range of clinical programs that focus on conditions like diabetes and hypertension. A number of monitoring services can be utilized by providers who are concerned about metabolic conditions in the patient as well. Within a three-month period, iHealth was able to reduce HTN crisis scenarios by 72% among a group of patients.

13. mTelehealth

mTelehealth produces digital systems that focus on providing remote monitoring solutions. The idea behind these systems is to provide an integrative solution that focuses on easing communication between patients, including seniors, as well as clinicians and administrators.

The ability to produce real-time data enhances the overall efficacy presented by the system, allowing patients, family members, and physicians to be instantly notified of sudden changes in essential vitals. The company has also conducted multiple studies to provide data on the efficacy of its monitoring solutions, proving a reduction of up to 92% in emergency department visits in certain scenarios related to COPD, diabetes, and CHF.

14. Fora

Fora Care aims to provide a complete patient monitoring solution, including both digital platforms and connected smart devices. The company offers patients, and physicians access to a wide range of medical devices that come with embedded cellular technology - which makes the process of data reporting to physicians significantly faster and easier.

The Fora Care solution has been proven to significantly reduce readmissions and emergency department visits among patients. Both the patient and physician gains access to applications that make it easier to track vitals for different conditions. The physician can easily access patient profiles to assess the current situation while also allowing them to provide additional recommendations to the patient.

15. Dexcom

Dexcom focuses on remote monitoring in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The company itself has a headquarter in San Diego but provides monitoring solutions to patients throughout the United States. Dexcom uses continuous glucose monitoring technology to assist in identifying sudden changes in blood sugar levels.

The company was founded in 1999 and has since strived to continuously enhance the technologies offered for remote maintenance and monitoring. Data retrieved by the Dexcom system can be integrated with reporting solutions, which allow physicians to obtain an overview of the patient's glucose levels over a specified period of time.

16. ConnectAmerica

ConnectAmerica has developed a four-step remote patient monitoring service that ensures healthcare can be provided inside and out of the physician’s office. The process starts with a range of Bluetooth medical devices that allow patients to track their blood glucose, body weight, blood pressure, and other vitals. Data is delivered into a patient hub, which physicians can use for both monitoring and updating the patient’s care program.

The ConnectAmerica application is compatible with a variety of platforms, including Salesforce, Allscripts, and Amazon Alexa. A primary function in the system is to deliver results that can be used to enforce early interventions for chronic diseases and their complications.

17. Mozzaz

Mozzaz provides a range of healthcare services aimed at empowering clinicians through streamlining of critical data, while at the same time increasing their accessibility to provide care to the patient. The company's remote patient monitoring solution features the provision of devices for easy setup and data collection, patient-facing application design, billing support, and a clinical portal for data aggregation and reporting.

The integration with all EHRs and departmental system of Mozzaz allows clinicians the convenience of improved productivity, collaboration and the quality of care they provide to their patients. The company has different types of tracking electronics that have been integrated with the patient monitoring software, to make the data collection process efficient and convenient for the patient.

18. Medtronic

Medtronic provides a large database of products and services presented specifically to healthcare providers and professionals. This includes a selection of monitoring devices that patients can utilize to track the progress of their care plan at home.

The company supplies digital monitoring solutions that can be utilized in different conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and more. Monitors can be connected to supported platforms in cases where physicians require immediate remote access to vitals as they are measured. The data can also be recorded by the patient for future reporting while also empowering the patient with a more comprehensive list of data surrounding their own wellbeing.

19. Neoteryx

Neoteryx is a microsampling specialist that delivers advanced tools that allow for the collection of specimens from an in-home setting. More than 145 research papers have been compiled on the utilization of Mitra Microsampling technology, providing evidence on the efficacy delivered by the company.

Physicians and clinical facilities can utilize the at-home microsampling technology as a method of retrieving specimens from patients, which then allows for remote testing and monitoring of specific conditions. The system presented by Neoteryx was developed to collect precise volumes of certain specimens, which facilitates more accurate testing outcomes. Different types of specimen collection devices are available, including cartridges, kits, and clamshells.

20. Care Innovations

Care Innovations carefully works with all involved parties in order to develop home monitoring solutions that are efficient. The company consistently communicates with the patient, provider, payer, as well as insurance agencies, and living facilities. The range of monitoring solutions is also developed based on previously collected data, along with the expertise that the company has in the medical device industry.

The company offers patients and doctors access to solutions that are customized toward the requirements of a treatment program. In addition to a collection of digital platforms, Care Innovations is also able to provide smart sensors and medical devices that assist with data collection.

Best ePRO/eCOA/eConsent Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Castor EDC

Castor EDC provides a hybrid platform that utilizes decentralized technology. The system focuses on making medical research both smarter and faster. Clinical studies are capable of using wearables, medical devices, and pharmaceutical drugs - while being able to capture, monitor, and assess data.

The decentralized system provides patients with remote access to digital consent forms, which helps to ensure participants have full comprehension of clinical procedures prior to their participation. The advanced ePRO services also help researchers establish plans for an upcoming trial with a shorter turnaround time frame. The company’s platform is compliant with several standards, including 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR, and ICH E6 GCP. Additionally, the platform also holds ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.

2. Medable

Medable offers a comprehensive eConsent system that helps to deliver improvements in the efficiency and compliance of clinical studies. The platform provides a responsive solution, which allows patients to view and agree to consents from different systems, including mobile devices.

Clinicians are provided the opportunity to create tailored eConsent experiences, which ensures patients are more acknowledged with the procedures and demands of the trial. Enhancements in education provided to the patient result in a higher retention rate, which provides the study conductors with a greater diversity of data to utilize. Patient signatures can also be collected through the eConsent system.

3. ArisGlobal

ArisGlobal developed a complete management system that focuses on clinical trials. The company offers researchers and medical facilities a platform that is highly customizable. This allows the dashboard, patient profiles, and portals to be customized according to the requirements of the trial.

The patient portal system allows participants to easily fill out important information at home. All data is stored electronically, including eConsent signatures. The built-in alert system also ensures clinicians are able to receive notifications of important events. ArisGlobal serves a worldwide audience, currently featuring a 100% compliance rate, along with a 30% cost reduction in the execution of clinical trials.

4. AssisTek

AssisTek provides solutions that can be utilized in on-site and at-home clinical studies. The company has developed a wide range of solutions that can be utilized to drive enhanced efficiency with any type of clinical trial.

The company provides clinicians access to the TEK eCOA Tablet, which allows data to be captured in real-time. The tablet can also serve as a useful tool during questionnaires that are utilized to collect data from patients. The eConsent solution allows participants to provide their signature in a digital environment, which results in enhanced data security and preservation. AssisTek has a headquarter in Arizona but does provide its services globally.

5. Advarra eConsent (Bio-Optronics)

The Advarra eConsent system focuses on making the process of obtaining consent from study participants easier and more efficient. The mobile-friendly platform results in a system that can be accessed from anywhere, giving patients greater flexibility when providing consent.

The eConsent system provides support for text, hints, video content, and images. This allows the consent process to provide a more interactive experience while also educating the patient on procedures, expectations, and the purpose of the study. By providing efficient education to the patient, the retention rate during the study period may significantly improve. The platform is fully compliant with both CFR Part 11 and HIPAA regulations.

6. Signant Health

Signant Health’s eConsent platform focuses on providing enhancements in compliance on both the patient and the facility's side. The system utilizes the latest ICF versions in all cases, which are constantly updated to avoid old versions being used. Reconsenting is also available when amendments are made to the study.

The system can be combined with other platforms offered by Signant Health, which creates an integrated solution that handles more than just consents. Signant Health can integrate the eConsent system with its eCOA, patient concierge, and telemedicine solutions. The system comes integrated with real-time monitoring and provides alerts to both sponsors and clinicians.

7. Crucial Data Solutions

Crucial Data Solutions developed an eConsent system that creates a decentralized solution for obtaining, storing and retrieving signatures and consents from participants. The eConsent feature integrates with the full TrialKit platform, which offers a seamless solution for managing patient data while also being able to assure compliance with regulations.

The system helps to provide enhancements in patient comprehension by offering participants access to essential data related to the trial. The patient is able to view the consent form and sign it at a remote location, from a desktop or mobile device. The company also offers integrated eCOA and ePRO solutions, which can be used alongside their eConsent platform.

8. WCG Clinical

WCG Clinical is a company that prioritizes efficiency in clinical trials while also aiming to reduce the risk of errors. The ePRO and eCOA platform allow assessment data to be recorded on a digital platform, making information easily accessible with no need for physical documentation.

The company also has raters that are capable of providing live assessments of patients, as well as the integrity of a study. Clinical trial administrators are given an opportunity to utilize in-house clinical scientists at WCG Clinical as well, who can assist with building higher quality assessments for studies. The platform itself features intelligent functions to assist with signal detection, assessment, and data collection.

9. ViedocMe

ViedocMe is an all-in-one EDC platform that focuses on being easy to use yet exceptionally powerful. The company has been involved in more than 2,000 trials to date. The services offered by the EDC platform are also available in over 75 countries. The system combines functionality for ePRO, CTMS, eCRF, and eConsent solutions.

For easier patient profile access, the system uses Viedoc cards. Patients can be asked to sign eConsent forms from a remote location, such as their home, or on-site when visiting the trial facility. The advanced metrics function allows clinicians to have more control over the project while also delivering more useful data that can be used to take actionable steps.

10. Kayentis

Kayentis is a provider of an eCOA platform that specializes in the collection of data related to clinical trials. The company also offers management features in its platform, allowing researchers to easily compile reports and track progress while also making adjustments where needed.

The Clin’Form App provided by Kayentis provides a state-of-the-art mobile application that works on a selection of tablet devices. The app makes the process of data collection significantly easier and allows information to be synced with the web portal. Integration features offered by Clin’Form Connect further expand the ability to collect different types of data on a single database.

11. ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth was formed to bring enhanced efficiency to virtual clinical trials. The company developed a proprietary platform that consists of both a dashboard, as well as a mobile application. The idea behind ObvioHealth’s proprietary platform is to deliver not only a faster way to collect and monitor patient data but also enhanced safety.

The company has achieved a retention rate of up to 95% in some studies. The task-based structure of the mobile app helps to improve adherence among patients by providing them with daily tasks that they need to complete. The eCOA system allows for remote monitoring and offers live data. Virtual assistants are also available to provide patient and researcher support.

12. Koneksa Health

Koneksa Health combines the use of software and hardware to deliver a monitoring solution for clinical trials. The company specializes in providing data and answers that are based on existing evidence. The SaaS platform offered by Koneksa Health allows a wide range of integrations to help enhance the speed of data collection and entry while also providing a customizable dashboard for easier patient monitoring.

The company focuses on the use of digital biomarkers as a way of delivering accurate, reliable data related to the patient’s health and performance. Koneksa Health currently provides digital biomarkers for at-home spirometry, actigraphy, and vital sign monitoring. There are experts in the fields of both IT and the healthcare industry that make up the team at this company.

13. Curebase

Curebase has developed a decentralized system that helps to deliver secure and accurate data for different types of clinical studies. By utilizing a decentralized network, syncing data between the patient and the researcher has fewer barriers while also making it possible to implement live monitoring solutions.

Curebase works with different types of organizations and enterprises in the medical research industry, including clinics, telehealth facilities, and pharmacies. The needs of both CRO and sponsors are considered by the company to develop a tailored solution. The system can be utilized to turn local healthcare providers into a part of the research team.

14. Ennov

Ennov features a comprehensive ePRO solution that assists with the reporting of clinical outcomes in trials and studies. The system features a custom-developed dashboard that makes the process of data capturing faster and easier. The patient profile function also makes it easier to pinpoint specific results for a patient.

The ePRO Software is compatible with the full Ennov EDC suite. The web-based design of the system makes access easier and more convenient, with a system that is fully responsive on mobile devices. The platform is compliant with the 21 CRF Part 11 regulations. Ennov has a 98.5% on-time delivery rate, with more than 19 years of experience in the industry.

15. MedNet

MetNet is the developer behind a complete clinical trial management solution called iMednet. The iMednet system uses cloud-based data storage technology to provide remote access while also making it easier to synchronize data across different channels. Integrations are available to help customize the platform, with the goal of offering a more customized experience for the trial.

The flexible EDC system comes with built-in medical coding protocols, lab normals data and offers a redaction tool. Premium models allow for extensions that make an ePRO system available to the research team, the CRO, and the sponsors. Apart from the ePRO module, additional extensions include randomization, trial supply management, and a payment system.

16. Datacubed

Datacubed Health provides access to a system that features out-of-box functionality, making it significantly easier and faster to set up a management system for clinical trials. The Datacubed solution combines different functions in a single system, including virtual visits, eConsent, and an eCOA platform. In addition to these features, the system also offers case alerts and the ability to capture patient data from remote locations.

In addition to the main dashboard used by CRO members and sponsors, Datacubed also offers a patient app that allows for data collection. The mobile app prioritizes engagement among patients by offering in-app rewards, such as gems.

17. FireCrest

FireCrest creates systems that have a primary focus on the development of automation while also offering advanced educational channels that can be utilized by researchers, CROs, and even the patient. The FireCrest Site Portal provides educational systems that can be developed for both the staff that is part of the study, as well as the patients. This allows for greater engagement while also addressing problems often faced with adherence.

The system also features TrialDrive for document management and a pre-screening system that makes it easier to find patients that have the highest eligibility for the study.

Research done by FireCrest shows a 40% reduction in protocol deviations while also increasing the patient screening time by as much as 200%.

18. DatStat eConsent (Part of SCI Solutions)

DatStat eConsent provides an electronic system for collecting patient signatures as a way of improving compliance with laws and regulations. The system offers an easy-to-navigate design, making it significantly easier for patients to view the consent information and provide their signatures.

In addition to an advanced eConsent solution, DatStat also offers a number of additional services with the opportunity to integrate multiple solutions into a singular system. This includes an ePRO and PROMs system, as well as a platform that focuses on enhancing adherence among patients who participate in the trial. The company specializes in producing solutions that can be beneficial for providers, researchers, and marketers.

19. Clario (Formerly ERT & Bioclinica)

Clario is an online platform that gives clinical studies access to an eCOA system, combining both an eClinRO and ePRO system into one. The system was developed according to the ePRO preferences that have been made public by the FDA.

The Clario eCOA system provides integration with a number of physical hardware devices. This includes wearable devices and other hardware needed to effectively monitor the patient’s vitals. The platform is built upon the idea of decentralization, creating a system that allows for assessments to be made in the patient’s home and instantly reflects reported data onto the CRO and sponsor dashboard.

20. Datatrek

Datatrek is a provider of enterprise-level solutions for clinical facilities that specializes in medical research. The eClinical solution by Datatrek creates a digitized environment, reducing the risk of errors faced with traditional paper-based systems.

There is a wide range of solutions that Datatrek offers clinical facilities, with the aim to assist throughout the entire clinical trial period. A comprehensive solution is offered that features ePRO, eCOA, and eConsent functionality on a single system. The company also offers an electronic data capture system, along with the opportunity of implementing a CTMS.

21. OpenClinica

OpenClinica Participate ePRO is a professional system that allows clinicians to collect data without the need for visits to the facility. The system comes with a mobile app that allows the patient to complete simple surveys at home, with the data being imported directly to the primary system.

The ePRO system allows for the use of analog scales, text, video content, and images. This helps to create a more engaging experience for the patient. The fact that the app is web-based means there are no barriers when it comes to compatibility, as the participant can complete surveys directly on a mobile device or computer.

22. Medidata Solutions

Medidata Solutions create software that focuses on providing clinical trials with an all-in-one system to manage, collect, and track all data throughout the clinical study. The unified platform provides functionality that provides support for the trial from the start-up to the final phases. Turning to cloud-based technology provides access to critical data from anywhere - even in the patient’s home.

Medidata Solutions offer four specific solutions that can help clinical trials, depending on the size, budget, and requirements. The PatientCloud solution provides the trial staff access to an eCOA and eConsent system, along with Sensor Cloud and myMedidata features. The solutions from this company have helped companies reduce data correction rates by up to 80%.

23. Clinical Ink

Clinical Ink offers clinical research projects access to their proprietary Lunexis ePRO+ platform. This platform was designed to be simple, scalable, and powerful. The team at Clinical Ink helps CROs customize the system to ensure specific requirements can be met more efficiently. Both traditional and decentralized data models are supported, along with a large list of integration options.

The patient-centric design of the ePRO platform helps to provide improvements in patient engagement. By supporting multiple deployment modalities, the system also provides greater flexibility when presenting options not only to patients but also testing sites. The system also effectively eliminates the need for validation, which allows decisions to be made in real-time.

24. uMotif

uMotif is a decentralized platform that focuses on enhancing the experience on the patient’s side. This approach focuses on addressing a common issue faced in clinical trials - poor patient retention and engagement. The platform comes with specific dashboards for the patient, investigators, and the CROs and sponsors.

The suite of software provided by the uMotif decentralized solution includes an eCOA, eDiary, ePRO, and an eConsent system. Wearable data can also be tracked and automatically reported to the database, which reduces the need for manual data entry on both the patient and the researcher’s side. uMotif collaborates with major names in the industry, including Abbview, Novartis, IQVia, and Syneos Health.

25. DrugDev

DrugDev is part of the IQVia group, a network of companies that focuses on helping enterprises in the clinical trial industry excel. The DrugDev eConsent solution was developed as a way to enhance patient education while also making it easier for the CRO to obtain consent from each participant prior to the initiation of a study.

The eConsent solution provides the clinicians behind the study to develop an interactive experience for the patient. This includes the ability to add videos that explain how the clinical trial process will work, along with other information that is vital to the participants. The system submits all data back to the main dashboard, which allows reports and consents to be compiled at any time.

26. Cloudbyz

CloudByz has developed an interactive eConsent platform that helps to keep patients engaged while also promoting an enhancement in compliance for the CRO and sponsors. The system focuses on delivering consent from all patients in a timely manner, with all data stored electronically and being easily accessible.

The template-based design of the system means there is no need for the CRO to develop a layout first. The system allows for real-time data tracking and features a built-in document management solution. Cloudbyz also specializes in a range of other decentralized solutions that are tailor-made for clinical trial purposes.

27. Medrio

Medrio created an electronic consent system that focuses on eliminating the need for the more traditional paper-based option. The idea is to reduce the amount of paperwork involved with clinical trials while also making it easier to find patient-specific data.

The company has shown that its eConsent system helps to reduce patient dropout rates while also increasing participation. The eConsent platform easily integrates with other solutions offered by Medrio, including their decentralized clinical trial and direct data capture applications. The company also offers a number of professional services that can provide assistance throughout all phases that make up a clinical trial.

28. YPrime

YPrime’s Clinical Outcomes solution comes in the form of an eCOA platform. The system has a large focus on promoting internal collaboration while also offering ease of access when it comes to monitoring data from patients. Both mobile apps and a web portal provide CRO members, as well as the sponsors, an easier way of identifying the progress of the study.

Integration modules allow for data from the eCOA platform to be utilized alongside other solutions that YPrime offers. The company has expanded to multiple regions and offers its services to medical facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Macedonia.

29. ClinCapture

The ClinCapture eCOA/ePRO platform largely focuses on providing patients with a clean, minimalistic platform that is free of distractions - while still being interactive at the same time. Questionnaires can include scale-based questions while also supporting several custom-developed options as well.

The multi-lingual support offered by ClinCapture eCOA/ePRO expands the possibilities for CROs and sponsors looking to conduct clinical trials. Secure tokens add extra security when questionnaires are sent out to study participants, helping to create a more confidential environment. The company also develops an eConsent system that can be used alongside the main eCOA/ePRO solution to improve compliance throughout the study.

30. ClinOne

ClinOne provides CROs with a complete solution to assist with all the major steps of a clinical study. The solutions begin at the enrollment stage, providing a way of delivering study data to the patient and obtaining their signature as proof of consent. The platform provides management solutions for both initial consents and re-consent procedures.

Once consents are obtained, ClinOne continues to provide the clinical trial with supportive platforms to help engage patients more effectively. These solutions also help to capture data, whether on-site or at the patient’s home. The company specializes in specific therapeutic areas, including NASH, CNS, cardiovascular disease, and oncology.

31. Florence

Florence built a platform that prioritizes the elimination of risks associated with a change in consent procedures. The company developed its eConsent system in such a way to help reduce risks that CROs and sponsors may face when patients do not completely comply with consent regulations. The platform is web-based, making it accessible from the majority of devices.

Participants can be invited to an eConsent form with ease. CRO staff can easily monitor the status of each consent form in real-time while also being able to implement identity verification methods. The system has its own document management function and provides a number of study management elements.

32. Interlace Health

Interlace Health calls its intuitive platform “Informed Consent," as the idea behind this system is to ensure the patient is effectively informed and educated before they provide consent. Forms are provided in a digital format, with a dedicated signature field for the patient to sign.

Customization is one of the primary advantages of the system, providing FHIR and HL7 integration while also featuring an EHR agnostic design. Built-in messaging is available, along with a fully mobile-friendly interface. The system does not come with any limitations for signatures captured, making it an ideal solution for studies conducted among a large number of patients.

Best Home Healthcare Services Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Medical Research Network

Medical Research Network focuses on the use of decentralized technology as a way to deliver efficient clinical trial data. The company's Home Trial Support services help to enhance the retention rate of clinical trials, thus producing more data to drive enhanced accuracy.

A global team of experts in clinical research, along with nursing staff, are part of the Medical Research Network. This allows clinical trials to be conducted in supported countries, where staff can provide trial services at the patient’s home.

The Medical Research Network was established in 2006 and the company is one of the fastest evolving healthcare firms in the UK.

2. Sanguine

Sanguine is a data collection company that focuses on closing the current gap that often exists between the researcher and the patient. The company offers patients easy access to a large range of scientific studies with a home service that requires no laboratory visits.

The company currently works on studies related to more than 70 different conditions. There are more than 40,000 patients who have formed part of the community, and over 600 studies have been conducted by the company.

The at-home donation allows nursing staff to collect samples from the patient’s home. Security is a critical factor at Sanguine, and the company has protocols in place for ensuring the privacy of both patient and researcher.

3. DomusVi

DomusVi provides specialized accommodation for senior citizens, along with a full range of service offerings. Medical services provided to patients are available directly at the accommodation, serving as a type of home-call solution.

The company has already made a significant impact in France and Spain, while recently launching a new branch in Portugal. The services offered are now available in nine countries, with over 400 seniors taking advantage of DomusVi's solutions.

The company has a 92% customer satisfaction rate and has over 40,000 employees that are consistently ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each senior patient. DomusVi has more than three decades of experience in providing top-quality services to seniors.

4. Illingworth Research

Illingworth Research is a clinical research solution that takes a patient-focused approach to the process. In 2020, the company won the Scrip Award for the Best Contract Research Organization.

The PatientGo service provides a convenient solution for patients who require traveling and accommodation arrangements during clinical trials. By providing a mobile research nursing solution, the company is capable of obtaining samples and implementing testing procedures directly at the patient's preferred location.

With over 20 years of experience, the company now reaches researchers and patients in more than 45 countries. The nursing staff at the company makes at least 2,000 off-site visits every year to facilitate the research and clinical trial processes.

5. Firma Clinical Research

Firma Clinical Research is a home trial service provider that focuses on providing a global approach for researchers. The in-home services allow researchers to greatly expand their reach while also helping to retain more patients during clinical trials.

Throughout the years, Firma Clinical Research has accumulated a database of over 3,500 healthcare providers as well. Other features include full transparency in service provisioning while also being able to work on the researcher's budget.

Apart from in-house services, the company also specializes in site optimization to help provide a more effective option for clinical trials conducted at specific facilities. The company is currently able to provide its services in more than 45 countries.

6. Woodley Trial Solutions

Woodley Trial Solutions is a company that provides tailored services to suit every need of a clinical study. The company has been operating for three decades and is considered an ideal option for trials that require advanced equipment solutions.

By tailoring the services provided, the company is able to better comply with the requirements - which may include the need for an in-house trial system. The digital management systems used by the company also allow them to create an efficient communication solution. The company works with clinical trials and research projects of different sizes while exerting a focus on establishing long-term partnerships.

7. Marken

Marken is a logistics company in the healthcare sector. The company specializes in providing both direct-to-patient and direct-from-patient services for clinical trials. This allows samples to be collected or experimental drugs to be delivered directly to the patient.

In addition to home services, the company also specializes in the storage, distribution, and supply of various essential materials that clinical trials depend on. The GMP depot capabilities of the company allow them to store and deliver clinical products efficiently while also preserving the quality of each product. Marken’s global network extends to nine different regions, making it possible for sponsors & CROs to operate trials with their solutions at a worldwide scale.

8. Research Professionals

Research Professionals specializes in delivering CRO services that are fully compliant with the GCP regulations. The contract research organization uses a global network to deliver services to a wide audience - which includes both the researcher, as well as the patient.

The company is experienced in all phases that make up a clinical trial. Research Professionals can assist with clinical trials that use both medical devices and are researching pharmaceutical treatments.

The company offers clinical operations in several countries, including Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czechia, and Hungary. To date, the company has been involved in more than 20 clinical trials that were conducted in a home healthcare setting.

9. Coram

Coram is a health solutions company that is part of CVS Health. The company specializes in providing healthcare services in an in-home setting, allowing patients to obtain the care required without leaving their homes. Coram has a presence throughout the United States, and utilizes both physical and digital channels to provide services to patients.

Currently, the Coram network consists of almost 300,000 workers that are dedicated to the Coram Project, which helps to extend coverage and reach more patients. Over 40,000 employees are medical staff that include nurse practitioners, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists.

10. GlobalCare

GlobalCare provides home-based clinical trial services across more than 50 different countries. The company has been involved in more than 400 studies, and the experience of the organization expands to over 100 years.

The GlobalCare network consists of clinicians as well as coordinators. The company has offices operating in both North American and European regions. The company’s involvement in a clinical trial typically extends to the entire lifespan study, with the primary focus on personalized pharmaceuticals. A number of on-site support services are also available.

11. Delta Healthcare Consulting

Delta Healthcare Consulting provides researchers access to a large network of nurses that are highly experienced in the provisioning of home healthcare services. The company also provides services in the field of project management, which helps researchers be more efficient in their clinical trials.

In addition to providing a range of home care services, Delta Healthcare Consulting also offers courses that can assist with educating in-house staff, as well as patients. The selection of site services can be helpful in trials where the facility is understaffed. Customization in the delivery of services also ensures the project is tailored to the needs of the clinical trial.

12. Option Care Health

Option Care Health is a specialty service provider that focuses on offering 24/7 availability through its in-home care services. The company has a large focus on providing enhanced clinical outcomes while also ensuring that each staff member is compassionate when working with patients.

The Infusion Therapy provided by Option Care Health can assist in delivering pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the patient. The company ensures that each treatment option provided to patients is of the highest quality, enhancing care and improving the outcomes in patients with both chronic and acute conditions. The partnership with major insurance companies in the US also makes the Infusion Therapy services more accessible to the general public.

13. Medicalib

Medicalib is a network that provides patients access to midwives, physiotherapists, and nurses. A primary goal of the company is to ensure that access to these professionals is simple and fast for the average patient, ensuring home care services can be delivered with no delays.

Apart from allowing patients to request home care services, Medicalib also specializes in helping individuals gain access to treatments. The treatment request system allows the patient to get in touch with a professional in their area who is able to prescribe appropriate treatments for acute or chronic diseases. Once a request is made, the matched healthcare provider will contact the patient directly to discuss the next steps.

14. Professione in Famiglia

Professione in Famiglia is a medical trade union that was established to represent certain groups of individuals. The company focuses on families that are in need of home care assistance. In addition to aiding these individuals with domestic healthcare services, the company is also associated with aid attorneys, counselors, and medical facilities that offer relevant services.

The company is located in Rome and provides services to local patients. The focus on families revolves around scenarios where an emergency is faced. The idea is to help remove some tasks from the caregiver, allowing the family access to personal assistance services that become essential in cases where medical problems may develop.

15. Right at Home

Right at Home has a particular focus on providing care services for elderly patients, and has been serving patients since 1995. The company provides an all-in-one care solution that addresses quality of life problems that are often noticed among senior citizens.

By serving patients at home, the company is capable of delivering services even when individuals are affected by poor mobility. Since the company began its operations, Right at Home has expanded significantly and now provides international coverage as well.

In addition to medical services, Right at Home also provides a large number of educational resources to help senior citizens make their own home a safer place to age.

16. Tu Mayor Amigo

Tu Mayor Amigo provides home care services to patients who reside in Spain. The company currently has five different facilities from where the medical staff members operate. The primary goal of Tu Mayor Amigo is to help senior patients feel independent while still providing them with care services that enhance their wellbeing and quality of life.

The company focuses on helping the patient create an environment at their home that is safe, convenient, and comforting. A range of wellness services is also offered, allowing patients to be treated for chronic diseases at their homes. The company holds an ISO 9001 certification, along with other quality care certifications.

17. Dallas Home Health Care

Dallas Home Health Care is a homecare service provider that focuses on being the go-to option for older individuals. The range of skilled nurses at this company assists patients in their own homes, which is generally considered a more comfortable space to receive care.

The group provides patients access to hospice care services as well, which becomes useful for patients with disabilities. Home therapy services allow diseases to be monitored and treated while also ensuring adjustments can be made to assist in improving the prognosis of existing conditions. Patients and their family members gain access to a 24/7 phone consultation service, along with spiritual support.

18. Bayada

Bayada offers a complete care solution that focuses on both in-home and on-site services. The company is capable of delivering home care solutions for pediatrics, adults, and senior patients. The hospice services further extend the offerings from the company.

The company prioritizes transparency in the provisioning of home services, allowing patients and clients to have a full overview of what they should expect. Both nursing and rehabilitation services are available. This allows the company to care for diseases while also helping patients who need to work on their mobility.

Bayada also makes a selection of qualified therapists available to the patient, which creates an opportunity for in-house counseling options.

19. Wren Healthcare

Wren Healthcare specializes in providing clinical trial services that serve the patient at their home. The company provides researchers access to nurses that are highly qualified in this specialist field. By utilizing decentralized technology, clinical trial data becomes easily accessible to authorized personnel.

The company is regulated by the QCareQuality Commission, as well as UKAS Medical. They are a CPD member and a provider of NHS services. The in-house services provided by Wren Healthcare helps to reduce the need for visits to a facility while also increasing participation in clinical trials. All nursing staff members are capable of taking the wellbeing and comfort of the patient as a priority, which ensures a more positive experience to their patients.

20. Allina Health

Alina Health offers a connected care solution that focuses on reducing the number of visits a patient has to make to the researcher’s local facilities. The company has a large network of providers, which allows patients to gain access to highly qualified professionals in various medical fields.

The Virtual Care services at Allina Health offer patients a more cost-efficient option for home healthcare. Both mental and physiological well-being is taken into consideration when virtual visits are provided. Care providers can also be dispatched to the patient's location to provide an in-home care service, which becomes a complimentary service to the Virtual Care offering from the company.

21. Advita

Advita offers personalized solutions that can be tailored toward the requirements of an elderly individual. The main goal of Advita is to provide care in such a way that the senior patient continues to feel independent while still knowing that healthcare and support options are available.

The nursing community at Advita is capable of providing assisted living services, as well as preventative care options. Advita also makes ambulant care and intensive care services available to the patient. The emergency call service offers a fast and responsive staff that can act when faced with an urgent situation. Daycare solutions can also help senior patients with their day-to-day activities.

22. Addus Home Care

Addus Home Care offers patients independence while addressing health and mobility concerns at the same time. The company has partners and facilities in multiple states, which helps to expand its reach. Addus Home Care is also partnered with well-known medical facilities and associations to provide a more extensive list of services.

The company currently has over 33,000 employees, which include physicians, therapists, nurses, and more. They offer their services in more than 200 different locations and have accumulated over 40 years of experience. Addus Home Care now serves a minimum of 40,000 patients on a weekly basis with home health, home care, and hospice solutions.

23. Renefan

Renefan offers care solutions that take the entire family into consideration. The nursing staff at Renefan approaches situations in such a way as to provide high-quality care for the patient while also delivering support for family members. The company also provides assistance when submitting an application to Medicproof or MDK, which helps with the reimbursement of costs associated with the care services.

The inpatient care solutions allow patients to obtain essential healthcare and support services in the comfort of their homes. Supervised living is also available, which adds security and safety to the life of their patients. Renefan does not only focus on senior patients but also offers an integration assistance service that helps to promote independence among patients who are handicapped.

24. ADMR

ADMR operates a network that focuses on providing home care services that are suitable for the entire family. The company is capable of delivering services that are tailored toward kids, adults, senior citizens, and patients with a handicap.

There is a large network of employees, as well as volunteers, that are able to deliver essential services to the household. ADMR has been operating for over 70 years, which contributes to the company’s expertise and quality. In addition to providing healthcare services to the elderly, ADMR also offers parenting support, remote assistance, and home maintenance solutions. A tailored care plan is provided to each family that approaches ADMR.

25. National Association for Home Care & Hospice

The National Association for Home Care & Hospice is a service directory that makes it easier for individuals to get in touch with an agency that is close to their home. The location service is freely accessible to the general public, and agencies are also given an opportunity to list their services.

There are currently over 33,000 agencies listed on the database at the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. This provides patients and families an opportunity to find multiple options to consider when home-based healthcare services are required. Users are allowed to search by city or state, depending on their needs. A zip code search function is also available.

26. PopsiCube

PopsiCube focuses on the management and delivery of all phases that make up a clinical trial. The company specializes in providing in-home trial support to both researchers and the participants of the study. Researchers are provided access to a network of nursing staff and medical professionals to assist with the delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as monitoring and reporting of clinical data.

Apart from trial management services, PopsiCube also provides a range of IT services and digital platforms that researchers can utilize to collect and store data. Strategic planning services at PopsiCube helps researchers establish plans ahead of time, which contributes to the overall efficiency of the clinical trial.

27. PrivatAssistenza

PrivatAssistenza is a local home healthcare network that specializes in providing services to Italian families. The company was founded in 1993 and has since expanded to reach multiple regions of Italy. Today, the company owns over 200 medical facilities, along with more than 10,000 employees that are highly qualified at providing care services.

The company delivers home-based healthcare to patients who are ill, as well as those who have disabilities. In cases where medical treatment is needed at a facility, assisted transportation services are also available. PrivatAssistenza can also assist with molecular swabs, rapid tests, and home-based therapeutic services.

29. Accellacare In-Home Services (Formerly Known as Symphony Clinical Research)

Accellacare In-Home Services acquired Symphony Clinical Research, fusing it with their already large selection of clinical trial services and solutions. The company is considered a leader in the clinical trial management industry and has a primary focus on allowing patients to participate in studies without the need for facility visits.

The company has developed a complete suite of services that can help with all stages, from planning to data analysis and reporting. More than 400 in-home studies have been conducted by Accellacare In-Home Services, and the company has almost two decades of experience. The network consists of industry experts that are highly trained and qualified, which brings a greater skillset to the trial management services.

30. Clinical Trial Service

Clinical Trial Service features an all-in-one approach to the management, execution, and reporting of scientific studies. The company delivers home care support, reducing hospital visits while also increasing the retention rate. Currently, Clinical Trial Service provides home care visit options for studies conducted in the United States and Europe.

A complete project management solution is also available from Clinical Trial Service. This includes the design of the study, the compilation of all required documentation, and the implementation of the actual trial.

Best Healthcare Ride Services Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Uber Health

Uber Health was founded to deliver a patient and healthcare-focused riding service to the general public. The company is consistently expanding on the functions provided by the Uber Health platform, with a focus on allowing healthcare providers to ensure patients are able to reach their appointment locations when there are limitations in transport and technology.

The company made the service available to healthcare providers due to the fact that many patients who struggle with transportation consist of elderly individuals, who often do not have access to mobile devices capable of utilizing the official Uber app. Healthcare providers are also able to communicate with drivers through an in-app chat function.

2. ERS Medical

ERS Medical is a transportation company that not only focuses on patient transport but also offers additional courier services. Each year, more than one million journeys are made by the professional drivers at ERS Medical. Delivery and transport services are available 24/7.

The company has a large focus on delivering its services to NHS providers and trusts. There are more than 900 staff members at ERS Medical, along with 400 vehicles that are used to deliver patients and packages in the United Kingdom. Apart from transporting patients, ERS Medical can also assist in moving pharmaceuticals, samples, and other items between facilities.

3. Ride Health

Ride Health is a digital platform that was developed to make the transportation of patients more efficient within a medical setting. The platform offers advanced functionality that takes more than just ride requests into consideration.

The Ride Health platform offers the healthcare provider or facility an option to develop patient profiles. This allows factors like location, physical accessibility requirements, vehicle availability, and even psychosocial requirements to be considered when a vehicle is selected, and a route is calculated. The platform allows either the patient or the provider to schedule the ride. System integration options also allow facilities to configure a more integrated, seamless solution.

4. Veyo

Veyo has created a system that focuses on providing a logistics solution for all non-emergency medical transportation requirements. The company’s platform takes advantage of the latest technology to provide a more effective service, with virtual fleet management and the ability to track data and rides in real-time.

Veyo is currently available in eight states and has an exceptionally low 0.05% grievance rate. Each day, more than 34,000 trips are provided by the Veyo network, with over 35 million trips completed in total. The company also has a 97.1% on-time rate, making it a reliable service provider for patients in need of transportation to medical facilities.

5. Modivcare (MedTrans)

Modivcare has a large focus on social determinants of health. The company has found that a significant amount of patients can experience improved health when they gain access to appropriate healthcare services, but transportation seems to be a major barrier. By offering patient transportation services, the company is able to ensure patients can reach their appointments on time.

More than 30 million patients have been transported with the services offered by Modivcare. The company makes at least 75 million trips every year. In addition to transportation, Modivcare also provides meal delivery services, which help patients gain access to healthy meals. Currently, the company has delivered over two million meals through this particular service.

6. ClinOne & Uber

Uber Health and ClinOne partnered up as a way of providing superior transportation services for patients, with a focus on clinical trials. The partnership was established as a way to aim for an increase in the retention rates for clinical studies. Transportation is often one of the problems that prevent patients from continuing their participation.

The ClinOne Digital Concierge integration with Uber Health allows patients and family members to obtain notifications, reminders, and automated scheduling for trips toward and from clinical trial facilities. The partnership also allows for costs to be minimized when arranging patient transportation services, which helps to reduce costs involved with the execution of the clinical trial.

Best Telehealth Companies For Decentralized Clinical Trials In 2022

1. Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health promises to offer top level care to patients within the space of whole-person virtual care. The utilizes their virtual care platform to serve patients in a virtual setting, while also allowing researchers a way to easily collect and analyze data needed for the development of new medicines.

The company has a strong patient focus, and leverages its technologies to deliver a personalized and insight driven experience, while also providing 24/7 support. Teladoc Health has a high patient satisfaction score of 96%, and offers a variety of solutions that can be precisely tailored to the specific needs of the clinical trial.

2. eVisit

eVisit is a provider of virtual care solutions with one of its aims to be easily integrated into existing virtual clinical care and clinical trial systems. The company’s main product is their patient visit platform for remote visits, which is tied with several other functions that facilitate scheduling, intake, waiting room management, and discharge to create a holistic experience for both patients and researchers.

The software provided by eVisit is highly configuritable, and allows sponsors to create robust workflows with over 150 configuration points. In addition, the company highlights its telehealth platform’s aim to reduce technological barriers, as the solution requires no plugins to be downloaded in advance of the visit by the patient, while enabling high-quality video visits that are secure and HIPAA compliant.

3. SnapIoT

SnapIoT is a global decentralized clinical trials platform, with a wide suite of solutions for operating fully remote clinical trials. One of SnapIoT’s offerings is their telemedicine solution, which can be easily integrated with their virtual clinical trial management software SnapClinical.

The company’s telemedicine solution can be accessed via iOS and Android devices or the internet browser on a computer, and does not require a separate app or plugin to be installed. The communication is highly secured and compliant with the HIPAA standards, and support is provided globally and 24/7.