We are not neutral. We will not remain silent. We unequivocally believe that Black Lives Matter and we are committed to doing the work required to combat racism in healthcare and evoke meaningful change.

To work in healthcare is to confront the deadly impact of not listening to Black patients  on a daily basis. From a higher incidence of mortality from chronic diseases to the outsized impact of COVID-19, the data is irrefutable and heartbreaking.

And while we do not have the answers nor the means to address all of these inequities ourselves, we intend to use our platform to increase patient access to clinical trials across diverse communities.

Diversifying clinical trials is an essential step in achieving health equity for all.

Clinical trials are critically important to healthcare; but though they are important, they are also very difficult to access. For Black patients, clinical studies also carry a heavy and horrific history, one in which Black people were experimented on without consent.  

We are committed to holding ourselves accountable and doing the work required to infuse diversity across every single part of the clinical trials lifecycle. From awareness to post-trial, you can count on our learning and working towards ways we can achieve equity in clinical trials. And most importantly, we intend to execute this work alongside Black patients, caregivers, and advocates to ensure we get it right.

We’ll share more at a later date. For now, it is our intention to listen, to learn from, and to amplify the voices of Black activists and educators.

But please know that we hear you. We stand with you. You matter. Black Lives Matter.