The Clara Team is excited to introduce our limited podcast series: Trial by Fire, which chronicles candid clinical trial experiences and discusses how we can tackle these issues as an industry and work towards creating a system that takes into account a diverse set of patient perspectives.

The idea for this podcast was sparked when a patient reached out to our team for support because she could not eat the food the site was providing for participants, and was considering dropping out of the study. We knew she wasn’t alone – and we wanted to hear more direct patient experiences with clinical trials, and to share these critical insights with our community.

People remember stories, and our point is that participants can’t be treated as if they are one person. We hope you can join us in creating space for our collective experiences to minimize (clinical) trials by fire and drive meaningful change.

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Click here for episode transcription of the first episode.

Logo description: Image description: The Trial By Fire logo has a dark blue background, and displays a person of color with long, black hair wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and jeans. The person stands proudly inside a test tube with orange, yellow and pink flames in the background.

"The illustration style and pose are inspired by heroic figures seen in comics and action movies — the protagonist stands tall in the face of an adverse landscape. This is in reference to the 'hero's journey' that patients often embark on in the clinical trial process, a quest to find medical solutions." - Amelia Oon (artist)